Lectures in Architectural Theory:

The Ancient Period: From the Babylonian ziggurat, to the ancient pyramid and temple

Greece and Rome: temples, Orders, theatres, and  agoras/ forums

Muslim architecture: the mosques – from Cordoba to Istanbul and Jerusalem

Christian and Byzantine

Romanesque and Gothic

From Michelangelo to Boulee' and Ledoux: Renaissance, Mannerism, Classicism and Neo-classicism

The turn to 20th century: From Art Nouveau to Modernism; Pioneers of the Modern Movement

Antonio Gaudi, the Gothic Revival in the 19th century and the historical connotations

Frank Lloyd Wright, the Prairie Houses and the Japanese influence

The Modern Movement in the 20th century – The great masters and leading movements

Expressionism vs. Rationalism – from Erich Mendelson to Le Corbusier

Metabolism and Archigram

Louis Kahn and monumental architecture

Hi-tech: from Pierre Luigi Nervi to Piano and Rogers' Pompidou center

Post-modern and Late-modern architecture

"Rationalist" architecture

De-constructivism as an avant-garde stream

Vernacular architecture, and Louis Barragan in Mexico

Contemporary Japanese architecture in the global context

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